What makes a good marketing manager?

Marketing is business-critical, so the manager of this department needs to be someone who can be relied upon to get the job done. In this blog we take a look at some of the key traits of marketing managers, and how you can find the right person for your business.

Someone who stays ahead of the game

Marketing Managers need to be extremely forward thinking. The techniques and strategies employed in marketing change very regularly and skilled managers need to be able to adapt their ways of thinking and take on board new ideas. An ideal marketing manager is someone who stays up-to-date, and even ahead of the competition in terms of their strategies.

A manager who gets very good at one type of marketing and then becomes overdependent on it can lead a business into trouble.

Someone who can delegate effectively

Of course, all managers need to be able to delegate, but in marketing this task becomes even harder to do. This is principally because marketing is a very creative field, and when someone works on a project, they will have an idea for how they believe the end product should be. Some managers struggle to get out of the habit of simply thinking that the work will be best if they do it themselves.

Marketing managers need to trust their team to deliver quality work that is going to be successful in the campaigns.

Someone who sets and achieves goals

It is important never to be carrying out work without an end goal – it is these goals that allow marketing teams to stay on target and push on for even better results. A skilled marketing manager knows to set goals that are within the reach of the business. When these goals are achieved it is a huge boost to the team, who are then motivated to strive on and do better.

Too often marketing teams (and therefore the business as a whole) doesn’t achieve what it is capable of because there is no direction for what the team should be aiming for.

Someone who knows their customers

Customers need to be the number one priority for the marketing department – and this means that a Marketing Manager needs to know the target market and the ideal customer for the organisation inside-out. It’s important to understand not only the demographics of the customers but what they are interested in and what motivates them.

It is with this information that a Marketing Manager is able to create an effective strategy that is going to actually draw in the people who buy products and services from your business.

Someone who understands the competition

It is also important to note here that your business does not operate in a vacuum – it has competitors who provide similar products and services. A good marketing manager not only understands how your business best operates, but also how your competitors work, and what can be done to overcome them.

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