Using a specialist recruitment company for your next marketing role

If you are recruiting for a marketing role then it could be worth using a specialist recruitment company. Agencies that specialise in the recruitment for marketing roles can provide you not only with fantastic potential candidates, but also with help in selecting the perfect person to help you with your business. 

Save time (and reduce lost revenue)

One of the major advantages of using a specialist agency to handle recruitment for you is simply the amount of time that it can save you. Taking the time to post job adverts in various locations and then manage incoming applications can be a real drain on the valuable time of you and your staff. 

Remember that marketing roles are often business critical, and if it takes you a long time to recruit for a role, this can actually slow down your business which can result in you losing revenue. Work with a recruitment agency to speed up the whole recruitment process – not only to bring in the right person for the job, but to do so in the fastest possible time. 

Matching the candidate to the business

One of the most underrated abilities of a great recruitment agency is taking into account not only the needs of the business and the requirements of the role, but also matching the individual to the ethos and atmosphere of the company. 

Finding someone who is a good fit for the organisation is almost as important as their skillset for the role. Businesses that hire without thinking about how that person will fit into the existing team run the risk of actually reducing harmony and morale within their staff. 

Greater reach

A specialist recruitment agency can provide you with far greater reach than standard recruitment channels and social media. They can give you access to candidates that you didn’t even know about which could potentially help you to find that perfect person you are looking for. 

Access to specific HR skills

One of the most popular reasons that businesses choose to work with a recruitment agency is that the agency can provide them with specific HR skills they simply don’t have in house. If you are relatively new to employing people – especially in an unfamiliar role, you may not necessarily have the knowledge needed to recruit effectively. This is something an agency can provide you with. 

Additionally, when you work with a company that works within your industry (or within a specific set of job skills) they can provide you with realise expertise and knowledge of the jobs market.

An agency that understands your industry

If you are considering working with a large recruitment firm, you might be missing out on the specific advantages of specific industry experience. The bigger recruitment firms undoubtedly have a huge pool of talent, but do they really understand how to recruit for your industry, and what kinds of skills are important to have?

Work with an agency that has an in-depth knowledge of your industry and the roles that you want to recruit for. Get in touch with our team on 0207 042 3800 to see how we can help.