LinkedIn – Making yourself OTNO – Open to New Opportunities

As a recruiter this is probably one of biggest and most helpful developments on LinkedIn.  When us recruiters are searching for potential candidates we’re able to separate people who are OTNO and generally we target these people first.  We also have access to some clever search functions in the background where we can save characteristics of ideal candidates eg, Education, Location, Job Titles and Industry Experience etc.  When we’re checking our searches in the morning and we discover a perfect candidate has marked themselves as OTNO it’s very exciting and we’re on the phone/sending an InMail immediately.  This means you might only have marked yourself as OTNO whilst having your dinner on Monday evening and Tuesday morning someone from Lime is contacting you about your next career move in FMCG.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Jobs” tab located at the top of the page.

Step 2. Click on the section saying “Show recruiters you’re open to job opportunities

Step 3. Add job preferences

This is where you are able to select your target job titles, location and job type (full time, contract, temp etc).

Give as much information as possible here as we do read it when searching for candidates.  This will help to reduce the number of unwanted jobs and inmails coming your way.

This is an important bit.  This is also where you select whether you want everyone on LinkedIn to see whether you are looking for a new role or just recruiters (people who have paid for the premium recruiter account).

If you’re not currently employed or are open with your current employer that you are looking and don’t mind everyone knowing that you are on the job market, select All LinkedIn Members.

Be careful here because if you are still employed and only passively looking you don’t want to announce to the world that you’re looking.  If you select Only Recruiters, LinkedIn ensure that recruiters at you’re current employer and affiliated companies can’t see that you’re OTNO.

If you are looking for your next career move please get in touch at or give us a call on 0207 0423800.