Five tips for hiring great marketing talent

Marketing is business critical; you need to get the right lead coming into your business so that they can be converted into sales. So, it is vital that you get it right when you come to hire your next marketing professional. Here are five tips for hiring fantastic marketing talent for your business.

1. Understand what your business needs

It is vitally important when hiring someone for a marketing role, to really understand what you need from the position. If you are a small business that needs one individual to manage a variety of channels, then you need to hire a jack-of-all-trades. That means if you see someone with an absolutely exemplary track record in email marketing, but nothing beyond that, you shouldn’t get enamoured with their CV.

Likewise, if you need a specialist in email marketing, focus on those candidates who have a great history in the field. Don’t be too impressed by email marketers who have a variety of other skills; you need someone who can do this role brilliantly.

2. Check their CV for attention to detail

You can rely on great marketers to understand how to market themselves – so really take the time to look at their CV to see how they present themselves. The majority of marketing roles involve some kind of content writing or proofreading, so it is important to really check over their CV, cover letter, and any written materials to see how carefully they work.

Poor grammar and mistakes might seem like a small detail on something like a CV, but it shows the level of effort that they put into their work.

3. Prioritise team fit

Of course, it is important to hire someone who has the skills to do the job, but don’t forget that they need to fit in with the rest of the team. And this isn’t just for their benefit in terms of fitting in; when a new member of staff joins the company, it can unsettle others if they are a bad fit. Team morale is important, and it is key to have a team that works harmoniously.

When you carry out your interview, add questions to help you understand who the candidate is as a person – this will help to establish whether they are going to get on well with the other members of staff on the team.

4. Technical skills are important, but so is thought process

Of course, it is important to hire a marketer with the right technical skills and experience in the role, but with something as crucial as marketing you need to look beyond their knowledge and understand how their thought process works.

There are many ways to market products and services, however, many businesses suffer because they generate a lot of leads – but those leads do not convert. This is often because marketing campaigns have targeted the wrong people. When you are hiring a candidate, you need to understand the channels that they are familiar with and how they do their initial research.

5. Make sure they want to learn

Having a great track record is a good start but remember that marketing is an ever-evolving industry, so it is important to hire some who has a passion to keep learning and improving. The most valuable kind of marketer you can have in your business is someone who can provide insight and ideas for various different activities throughout the company.

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