4 things a fantastic company culture will do for your business

89% of bad hires are due to poor cultural fit.

Blink. Blink. Blink… and they’re gone!

Employee engagement is a major concern for employers and cultural fit has its role to play. A study by Tiny Pulse found company culture had a direct effect on employee retention.Employees in an organisation with a low company culture were 15% more likely to look for a new job than those in a company with a high company culture.

That is to say, hiring for skill set and cultural fit is still relevant today.

Still unsure? Take a look at how you and your employees can benefit.

Improve Employee Retention Rates

First things first. You need to know what your organisation’s culture is before deciding to hire for it. Define what your company culture is. Understand it. Articulate it.

Staff turnover will be expected in any company but you don’t want unnecessary departures. It is up to you to communicate your expectations from the get-go. When your goals and values align, people will want to stay. Employees will be engaged and happy. These employees will be more committed to a future in your organisation. It’s time to master your business’s culture like these top companies.

Improve Individual Performance

Happy employees are productive and engaged. If you care about your workforce, they will show you that they care about the company in return. People will stay longer, work harder and be more productive. Everyone is happy! This also allows companies to find extraordinary people from within the business.

Take cultural fit into consideration to create an environment that encourages work and productivity. Remember happy and engaged employees will affect your bottom line!

Reduce Workplace Conflict

Strong co-worker relationships will build and strengthen the company’s culture. People will feel a sense of value and work well to support each other.  If they don’t? Tiny Pulse found that 12% are less likely to stay.

If you don’t already, think about including your employees in the hiring process. Many companies use this assessment during the last stage. It’s a great way to see how they interact with present employees and absorb the company’s environment. I saw a tweet recently; “Collaboration is key to workplace culture. Not the forced kind, but the natural, social kind”. Aim for this!

Strong Brand to Attract Top Talent 


You want to look for people who align with the values and goals of your company. You can be sure this will impact your future recruitment process. How? It’s simple. People who feel valued will become the perfect advocates. They believe in what they do and they believe in the company. How you interact with your customers and value them is how your employees will feel and act too.

Your culture will build a brand. Your culture will attract talent.

Lime Advice 

  • Leadership comes from the top and so does culture. It is up to you to define and establish your culture. If you don’t know what your culture is, nobody else will
  • Cultural fit is a key trait to look for when hiring. It nourishes relationships and drives productivity. Highly engaged employees can improve your business and impact profits
  • But remember hiring for cultural fit does not mean your organisation should lack diversity. A workforce can be diverse and varied but have a common understanding of the underlying values. Conflict is counterproductive but the challenging opinions of a richly diverse workforce bring positive change

Many of the clients we work with hire a candidate for their competency and skill set as well as cultural fit. Are you looking to find that perfect candidate or are you searching for the dream company? Contact us or take a look at our job vacancies! It’s in our hands.