Why job seeking is a lot like dating

17th December 2018

Searching for a job is actually a lot like dating. OK, so you probably won’t be taking out your potential employers for expensive dinners or trying to pretend that you’ve got the same taste in music. But in other ways the similarities are scary – let’s take a look:

First impressions count

First impressions are extremely important when dating – both when reading through a profile, and on meeting face-to-face. Remember that you only get one chance to make a great first impression on your prospective employer, just as you do with your date, so have a well-written and correctly formatted CV that shows you off in the right light. When it comes for the interview, the rule goes that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

A deeper connection

You might assume that looks are the only important thing in dating, but it’s not true. Modern dating is more than skin deep and individuals are more likely to be interested in someone when they have a connection and shared interests with them. It’s very much the same when it comes to job seeking. It has often been assumed that money is the only motivating factor for someone looking for a job.

In reality, more job seekers are prioritising the business culture and the non-salary benefits. The job seeker needs to match with the company’s team and overall culture if the business relationship is going to be successful.

An interview or a date?

The job interview can be very much like a date. You might get nervous beforehand, you might not be sure what to wear, you might even consider abandoning it altogether even though you have already got this far. During the interview, just like a date, you will want to show that you’re interested, but not want to come across as over-the-top or false. You will have a couple of set questions that you always ask. And you’re aware that you might have to laugh at a bad joke or two.

Like any bad date, you can probably tell straight away if a bad interview is not going to go well, but you’ll still need to see it out if just for the sake of politeness.

Dealing with rejection

And with job seeking, just like with dating, you have to get used to the idea of rejection. Sometimes it might seem like things are going well and you would like to take it further, but it turns out they have found someone else that they prefer. Don’t let it bother you. Just as with dating, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and the right job will come along for you.

Finding the right match

Of course, many single people are turning to dating apps to help make things easier for them, and job seekers are turning to recruiters. The function is often the same – matchmaking to help both parties find what they are looking for. At Lime Talent, we can’t help you find love, but if you’re looking for a role in FMCG get in touch and we will be able to find a match.