Unlock Your Potential with the Power of Personal Branding

17th December 2018

Do you think your LinkedIn profile is letting you down? You have a wealth of experience, you have sent out dozens of CVs and still, no reply? With 414 million people on the network, how can you stand out from the crowd and make it work for you?

“Sell Yourself, Be Unique”

Your aim is to present a profile that will multiply your chances of getting the interview. Think of a LinkedIn profile as YOUR own personal brand and acknowledge its power. Increasing numbers of employers and recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile after receiving your CV. Likewise, LinkedIn is also heavily used as a way for employers to search for potential candidates.

Hiring in the digital age brings change to the recruitment process. Your online presence is constantly changing to reflect your skills and experiences and it’s up to you how you decide to present yourself to the world. The below quote by Bob Myhal, director of digital marketing at CBC Advertising sums up the changes perfectly.

Branding Image 1.png

Read on to find out how you can become more hireable or check out our infographic for the perfect summary!


  1. Gives you focus Your personal brand is based on your values and passion. YOUR VISION. It will keep you focused on your goals and career ambitions.

  1. Stand out from the crowd An increasing amount or recruiters and employers are looking for top talent on social media. Spending time developing your personal brand will set you apart.

  1. Thought leadership Creating high-quality content and participating in conversations around your niche demonstrates your knowledge and passion.

  1. Opens up doors Your digital footprint gives a recruiter or employer greater insight. Developing your online persona will attract opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

  1. Advance your career Personal branding is an excellent way to advance your career. It will enable you to grow your network and increase your chances of success and happiness.

Branding Image 2.png


It begins with your value proposition. This is a solid statement that outlines what value you are going to bring. Why someone should hire you. How do you develop your value proposition?

  • Know the value you can bring to a company

  • Know who you are targeting

  • Understand your strengths and skills and link these to your target

  • Support with concrete example

  • Your value proposition should be your core message. It should differentiate you from your competition.


Being generic is easy, but it does not make you unique. Your skills and experience make you invaluable to a hiring manager if you can solve THEIR PROBLEM. To persuade the recruiter you must be compelling in your approach. Choose the skills that your industry will find engaging.

  • Address these skills and prove the impact you made

  • Refrain from listing every clichéd skillset e.g. working equally well in a team as you do individually

  • Add keywords related to your niche – this will help lead potential employers to your profile when they use keywords in their search.
    You are developing your own personal brand for future employers, whilst encouraging discoverability.

Branding Image 3.png


By now you know your profile is a self-marketing process. Take this opportunity to showcase your achievements. Develop achievement metrics.

  • Saved the company £x…

  • Increased profitability by…

  • Increased market share by….

Keep in mind, what were you doing? How did you do it and what was the result?

Quantifying your results provides concrete evidence of your capabilities. State the feature and give the benefit. This shows how you can contribute to the company’s objectives and goals.


Showcase your work and content to reflect your profile and personal brand.

  • Create LinkedIn allows you to share videos, presentations, documents and Slideshare. Instead of just talking, optimise your profile further. Add another dimension and showcase your work.

  • Connect Show your expertise or thoughts about your industry. Contribute to LinkedIn Pulse, update your status, or if you have a blog now is the time to share it. This keeps you visible, encourages engagement and new connections.

  • Engage Join and contribute in groups. Starting conversations will show your interest. You can share your articles or blog and deepen BRAND YOU.

Now that you’ve created your personal brand, keep building on it. Now it’s time to start interview prepping!