Think Logic Qs are dead? Think again

17th December 2018

Have you ever wondered how big the cereal market in the UK is?

Perhaps not. But you might want to!

Logic type questions may not be the first hiring tool of choice for large blue chip companies. In recent years Google has denounced them. However, we have found that many of our clients classified as start-up companies or SMEs still use this method in their interview process. When working with candidates we always encourage them to set aside some time to practice. Logic questions are not dead so don’t get caught off guard! Take a look at our nifty infographic or continue reading to find out more about these mind-bending questions.

The FMCG industry is fast-paced. Logic questions are a good way to see if you are quick and creative. Our clients use a combination of logic questions and competency (behavioural) questions. Our clients say they use logic questions to see how you would solve a problem under pressure. Bizarre as the question might be, the important thing is that you show the process that led to your answer. They are looking at your method and how you tackle the problem.

Analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity are among some of the top skills required at a startup or SME. With these skills in such demand, using logic questions to compliment the overall interview process is a vital step according to our clients.

There are no right or wrong answers but there is a method that can guide you when answering these questions. You should prepare and you should highlight your skills.

 Analytical Skills

Simply put, an analytical mind is the ability to use logical reasoning. Like any other business, the importance of analysing, making adjustments, and iterating is vital for the success of a company. An analytical mind and critical thinking will help grow the business. It’s not a coincidence that a linkedIn study found 46% of employers look for candidates who have analytical skills. These are the skills essential for a startup. Are you going to be that person who adds value? This is your chance to showcase your value by forming assumptions and coming to a solution.

Logic Questions How many people pass through Heathrow every day?

The important thing here is how you are going to tackle this tricky question.

  • First off, divide up the problem. By breaking down the information into smaller parts, you are simplifying the process.
  • Even if you want to change your mind, you are showing how you arrive at your answer. Don’t leave anyone in the dark; remember your critical thinking skills are being tested here!

Creative Skills

Creativity is essential for any startup. Logic questions can be a good indicator of your creativity and an opportunity to show how you could impact positively on the company; meeting business goals and achieving success.

Perhaps you are going for a digital marketing role. You’ll be expected to create multiple blog titles or call-to-actions. You are looking for a creative solution to delight customers. If you are creative and innovative this may give you an advantage over another candidate.

Logic Question How many people pass by the Olympic village daily?

  • As you often cannot rehearse these questions, showcase your creative reasoning. Remember that the interviewer is looking for a thoughtful response.
  • Developing more than one solution to the problem is a great way to show your ability to brainstorm ideas. Many startup companies are looking for people who can bring creativity to any role. It’s important you can too!

 Problem Solving

Problem-solving is the top skill sought after in candidates (65%). A business is there to provide a solution to a customer’s problem or needs. You are a part of this solution. You are there to achieve this end goal. Using logic questions is a good way to test your problem-solving skills. Working at a startup, you will face many challenges. How will you confront them? You need to be able to define a problem, question this problem, and search for multiple solutions.

Logic Question Have many cups of coffee are drunk in London?

  • These problems may not have a single correct answer. But don’t stress if you think the calculation is impossible!
  • Talk through your answer with the interviewer. This will keep them engaged and show how you are able to dissect the problem and come to a conclusion.
  • While you attempt to fill in the gaps, you are showcasing your method and mental agility.
  • Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions!


  1. Calm and Confident With all your interview preparation you shouldn’t be too caught off guard. Take a moment to think about the question and how you are going to approach it. If you’re unsure and need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask! Understanding is key to a calm and confident answer.
  2. Communication Speak out loud and let the interviewer follow your train of thought. You can jot down notes and calculations on a piece of paper but make sure you show your logical reasoning.
  3. Preparation Preparation and practice are key. Try your hand at this list of brainteasers. Once you’re armed with knowledge, attack these logic questions head on!