Six traits of a great marketing professionals

Whether you are planning a new marketing hire, or you are considering a career move into the field, it is important to understand the desirable traits in members of staff.

At Lime Talent we work both with candidates and businesses, so we have a real understanding of what it takes to succeed in a marketing role, especially in the FMCG sector. Here are six traits that we see in the best marketing professionals we work with.

1 – A love for learning

Marketing is an ever-changing industry – tactics that work today might not work tomorrow, and the advent of new technology can create new channels that offer excellent rates of returns. This means that great marketing professionals need to be skilled at keeping up with the latest trends and adapting to new techniques.

Having a passion to keep learning and putting time into understanding new ways of working is vital to the success of a marketer. Learning can come in a huge range of different ways – whether they are practical learning on courses, or simply attending conferences to follow the goings-on in the industry – great marketers are interested in these pursuits.

2 – A self-starter

Anyone who wants to succeed in marketing needs to be prepared to work independently without needing reminders or prompts. Marketing roles typically offer a great deal of freedom to staff, which means that they need be able to keep themselves on track. Without being able to self-motivate marketing professionals can find themselves slipping behind.

This means that a marketer also needs to have good time management skills, as well as the ability to be able to see projects through to their conclusion.

3 – A top-class communicator

Marketing is all about communicating ideas in the best possible way – so if someone is interested in marketing but struggles with communication, it could be a very bad fit. The key skill in marketing is being able to take a message and then convey it in a way that is clear to the audience it is intended for.

This means marketers need to be empathetic thinkers who can imagine how the message will be received and interpreted.

4 – An analytical thinker

Marketing can be a numbers game, as it is often that case that things will come down to the bottom line. This requires marketing professionals to be strategic and analytical thinkers who not only have the ability to take a look at a situation and data to understand how to approach a problem, but also are interested in understanding the details of a campaign after the fact and learning from it.

5 – A flexible approach

As we’ve already mentioned, the tactics and techniques of marketing change all the time – as does the focus of the work. This means that any marketing professional needs to be flexible and ready to change their approach.

6 – A great storyteller

Great marketers are good at telling stories. This feeds back into communication skills, but it goes deeper. To effectively sell products and services it is important for them to feel aspirational to the customer – and the only way to achieve this is by structuring a narrative, not just about what the product does, but how it makes a customer feel and how it improves their life.