How to prepare for your next job interview in FMCG

16th November 2018

Some jobseekers dread interviews, but there is no reason to do so. If you have got to the stage where you are being interviewed for a position then the company already likes you and your skillset – they just want to learn more about what you are really like. This is your chance to show yourself in the best possible light to the employer. Here are some tips to help you to prepare for your next interview.

Research the employer

It is very important to put time and effort into researching your prospective employer to understand how they operate and the values of the company. One of the worst impressions that you can make during an interview is not having done your homework on the company. A courtesy glance through the website can give you an idea of how the company works and can give you some things to say that show you’ve put in the research.

Even better is if you are familiar with the brands and products of the business you are interviewing for. You don’t need to know everything, but being able to identify key products will impress your interviewer.

Allow your personality to shine through

An interviewer doesn’t want to hear rehearsed answers in monotone. In FMCG, personality and confidence can go a long way – it is important to show off that you can build a rapport and win people over with your charm. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to perform. The best tactic here is to simply be yourself.

Anticipate the difficult questions

Just as it is important to show yourself in the best possible light, it’s also vital that you should anticipate being asked difficult questions. Sometimes challenging questions can take you by surprise and leave you struggling to answer. What’s worse is this can put you off your stride and lead you to lose confidence during the interview.

Here are some common ‘difficult’ questions that interviewers may use. We provide some advice for tackling these questions.

  • “What are your weaknesses?” – it can be easy to assume that this is actually a trick question and that you should answer that you don’t have any or that you should try to put a positive spin on it. In truth, this is just a way for interviewers to understand who you are – every candidate will have strengths and weaknesses, if you can learn to embrace your flaws that can be areas for you to improve rather than problems.
  • “Why did you leave your last job?” – don’t take this is an opportunity to criticise your previous employer. Turn into a positive – if the company was small and unambitious you can say that you had goals that you wanted to achieve and felt that you couldn’t do it from that position.
  • “What salary are you expecting?” – if you are unprepared for this question it can be very difficult to answer, so put some thought into it beforehand. Understand the minimum you would accept as well as the standard figure that similar jobs offer – this can help you to have a sensible number in mind.

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