Can FMCG Recruitment Learn from from Amazon Go?

17th December 2018

I must admit that it is pretty amazing.

At the new Amazon Go store in Seattle, you can walk in, swipe your smart phone, grab a sandwich and a drink and walk out. It is called “grab-and-go” retailing, and in a world where no one has enough time, I can see it catching on in a big way.

You see, in the convenience retail sector, time is of the essence. Amazon have never run physical retail stores, but they know from their online operation that if they save people time in their lives, then they will come back as repeat customers over and over again.

In the highly commoditised grocery market, why would customers go anywhere else?

I know that many of my online purchases are made with Amazon Prime, and if they ever open up such a store within walking distance of where I find myself on a regular basis, I know that I will be one of the first people to visit. They have smashed through preconceived ideas of how a shop should be run.

Now, what might this have to do with recruitment?

I hope that we are pretty innovative here, but I can’t quite promise that clients will be able to swipe their job description and they will be able to leave with a candidate.

There is, however, one huge learning from the Amazon move that recruiters need to integrate in their work every single day….

We need to get right to the bottom of our customer core needs.

A client doesn’t just need a bum on a seat….

Yes, that is essentially what we get paid for, but they won’t be delighted with our service unless a whole host of other factors are included:

They want someone who is passionate about their brand, but at the same time who can step back from the “fanboy” perspective and make solid business decisions.

They need people who have an intense customer focus, but who aren’t afraid to lead the customer as well as be led by them.

They need candidates who will be with them in five years time – not because they have no ambition to grow, but because they are among people that they want to grow with.

A FMCG recruiter’s job is to leave a client with a smile on their face as broad as my smile when I first leave that first (inevitable) Amazon Go store. You might have certain expectations about recruitment agencies, but if you work with us, then we won’t stop until you feel that way – with every single candidate that we find for you.

That is something worth striving for.